what is this mess we’ve made of ourselves

i want to escape and you just want to save me

what if i don’t need saving, just an exit

exits don’t necessarily mean  you’ve escaped

temporarily induce my sanity or i’ll go insane

but when insanity means i love you in your eyes i’d rather be blind so i can’t witness your heart break

I’m drowning here.

trying to ride your wave but i just can’t plant my feet right & this city’s too big

or maybe it’s too small because when i fell everyone knew it but no

one warned me

let’s see how long she’ll last before she ends up like the rest

now that ain’t even fair & y’all know it

no one warned me she couldn’t show it

no one warned me that her curves aren’t hard to handle it’s the throttle you gotta watch

not too fast and never go slow

don’t dive too deep or you’ll be lost at sea

she don’t see me but $he $ee me

i can’t feel her but when i feel her my feelings are lost

I’m drowning.

but you want to save me

– Angelique Shawnell