Food for the soul with no room left to grow.

Pray to a lord who’s face never shows.
Love with no limit until the heart’s stone cold.
Eat Pray Love, Mind Body and Soul.
Wine used for therapy, Sex just to cope.
Sulk in perfect fallacies, Blowing clouds of smoke.
Bodies made of plastic, Covered in high priced fashions.
Disguised behind a wall of artificial masking.
Money Power Respect because greed gets the best.
Of every human being just tryna reach success.
Land of the free and home of the brave.
Where the brave are really cowards and the free are really slaves.
Advanced technology can’t solve poverty.
But the push of a button can silence a small country.
Assassinate the greats at their pinnacle of power.
Silencing the truth about the coming dark hour.
-Angelique Shawnell