I said everything and nothing at all.

It seems like my biggest accomplishment is becoming my biggest fall.

Ever did something so wrong for all the right reasons then  ended up committing treason because you don’t know who to believe in.

Believe in yourself, no cause I can’t trust you.

I put my trust in you just for me to believe who touched you.

That shit don’t matter.

Back to the fact of the matter that I don’t know what’s the matter or what’s the mind.

Or what’s in my mind and how do I get out of it before I’m out of time.

Time isn’t real, I can slow down my microwave.

U.V rays so potent it almost took my life away.

Or was it the water, not drinking enough water.

I’m eating the wrong shit.

But cheated death twice though.

Maybe it was three times, I lost count.

I can’t die.

Nothing worse than living when you can’t die.

Nothing worse than swimming when you can’t fly.

We’re stuck here.

Stuck in the present, stuck in the past.

Stuck in the realms of a future that I already had a glimpse of.

It’s black with white dots that you can’t reach.

-Angelique Shawnell