Attachment vs Addiction

There’s a thin line between attachment and addiction. Just as you can get addicted to drugs, you can become addicted to love and/or pain. As well as becoming attached to a materialistic object, a pet, a person, or even just the aspect of that person; you can become attached to anything. With attachment comes emotion(s). With addiction it’s more mental. Attachment and addiction go hand in hand. Addiction is chasing something sort of a high, you have to have it. It’s constantly on your mind and you’ll do anything to obtain it. Attachment is more so chasing a feeling. Whether it’s euphoric or down right bad for you, either way you are attached. Although it’s a feeling, it’s also mental; mind over matter. If you can break a habit or addiction, can you also detach? Detachment takes a vast amount of will power. You have to make it up in your heart, mind; your overall being. Once you can collectively as a whole come to the realization that detachment is the answer, attachment nor addiction will be an issue. Is it possible to find balance in detachment and attachment? I believe so. Although I am not sure of the correct term for it, it is possible. It is the art of balance. Finding an even balance of attaching yourself temporarily whether it be for pleasure, experience, research, etc; but, knowing when to detach yourself before it becomes an addiction. Once attachment becomes addiction, detachment seems damn near impossible to achieve. Detachment can also become an addiction, You attach just to detach as a form of pleasure of one’s self or control. All in all the key is to find an even, steady balance of attachment and detachment so addiction will not be a factor.

-Angelique Shawnell


2 thoughts on “Attachment vs Addiction

  1. It is a fine line. I was addicted to the Japanese culture for 21 years…beyond attached, obsessed. It was my identity. It all started in 1980 when I was a teen. It is true that I am attached to other things, but each is for sustaining and no one takes over over my life as in “I need it.” I do need God though. That is because praying and thinking God cares and loves me really has helped in very big ways.

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