1. Please stop blaming the oppressor. At this point WE are keeping ourselves oppressed. Change starts with YOU.
  2. OUR culture has been appropriated for years. WE built this country, how could they not want to be like US.
  3. It still takes a village to raise a child. Stop setting OUR future up for failure before they get a fighting chance.
  4. Just because you are Black that does not mean YOU are automatically a victim. Self victimization must stop.
  5. Just because they are not Black it does not give YOU the right to be automatically judgmental. Black people can be racist.
  6. Stop settling for the nfl, nba, music industry, the block, etc. YOU have a brain, use it.
  7. Celebrities are not GOD or YOUR friends. Lift up YOUR peers, celebs are already above YOU.
  8. WE have all been angry since consumption. Channel that anger into something solid.
  9. Have some dignity and SELF respect. There is a time and place for everything.
  10. Stop being ignorant and naive. Negativity is not cool.
  11. Clothes come in various sizes for a reason. Sagging was never cool.
  12. Reality television is not real. Live YOUR life.
  13. WE all know white privilege exists. Stop using that as an excuse and/or barrier.
  14. Invest in YOUR community, not in labels.
  15. A high school diploma means nothing. Knowledge is power.
  16. Using proper grammar does not make YOU a sellout. Ebonics is not English.
  17. yes cops kill US but WE also kill OURSELVES. There is no difference.
  18. Mental Illness thrives in the Black community. Be aware of it.
  19. Ignorance is not nor will it ever be bliss. WAKE UP!
  20. Men are allowed to have emotions. Express them.
  21. YOUR hair is good hair.
  22. Once a slave, always a slave. Gold chains do not make YOU free.
  23. Society does the hating for YOU. Uplift YOUR women.
  24. Stop alienating others. Black comes in different shades.
  25. Black Unity is Black Power!

-Angelique Shawnell